mardi 3 mai 2011


Herbert Pfostl (born 1968 in Graz, Austria) is an Austrian artist.
He is a self-described painter of animals, plants and saints."In my paper graveyard you will find drawings and paintings of animals and saints and black robbers in their forests with white stags and drowned sailors in their ships at the bottom of the oceans and many of the beautiful dead.
I made them for you - so come back - spend time". (Herbert Pfostl)His work combines found images and text with figural notions of animals and herbs, half-finished rubbings, and archetypal blots and smudges.
Pfostl’s drawings and mixed-media works invoke a library dear to hilobrow–Blake and Dickinson, Benjamin and Bataille. But Pfostl reads them with stained fingers. Like the great Czech animator Jan Svankmajer, Pfostl makes highbrow art with dirty fingers.

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